How Long Did Harry Styles Dates Kendall Jenner

How Long Did Harry Styles Date, Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles Dates Kendall Jenner for about two years, from 2015-2016. Many people were fascinated by their relationship,(Harry Styles Date, Kendall Jenner) but nobody knew the whole story—until now. In a new interview with Wonderland Magazine, Harry opens up about his time dating Kendall and how it ended. He reveals that their relationship didn’t work out because of their differing lifestyles.

“It wasn’t really working because I come from a background where I worked really hard to build my career and she was just living off of her fame and social media,” Harry said. “I was doing all this touring and appearances and she was just like, ‘Oh, I’ll just go to these things and then not show up. It just didn’t work out. We both wanted different things out of the relationship.

” So why did Harry date Kendall in the first place? He says it all started when they met at the 2016 Met Ball: “We actually bumped into each other at the Met Ball and just started talking. She was really down-to-earth and normal and I thought she was cool as fuck.

Did Harry Styles date Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were spotted together on multiple occasions during the early stages of their relationship. It was reported that they started dating in February 2016 and ended their relationship in May 2017. However, some sources say that their relationship lasted for about two years. There is no confirmation that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated, but it’s possible that they did.

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Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles dated for two years

The fact that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner dated for two years is no secret. The pair first met when they were both just teenagers, and soon started dating. However, their relationship didn’t last long – in fact, it only lasted for around eighteen months.

How Long Did Harry Styles Date, Kendall Jenner

After splitting up, the pair continued to remain friends and even collaborated on a number of projects together. However, it seems that the split was for the best after all as they now seem to be very happy without each other.

Who did Harry Styles have a daughter with?

Kendall Jenner dated Harry Styles for about two years, from May 2016 to May 2017. They met when he was working on his debut album and she was a model.

They announced their engagement in October 2017 but then called it off in February 2018. Their daughter, Stormi Webster, was born on November 1, 2018.

When did Louis and Harry get married?

In May of 2016, Harry Styles Dates Kendall Jenner were spotted together at a Los Angeles Lakers game. Their relationship was confirmed one month later when they were photographed kissing on the lips while out in Malibu. The couple dated for approximately one year and ended things in May of 2017.

Who was Taylor Swift’s longest relationship?

Taylor Swift famously dated One Direction’s Harry Styles for almost two years, but what happened between them during that time?

According to Harry, the two first met when they were both performing at a UK music festival in 2009. They started dating shortly after and their relationship went through a lot of ups and downs – including a public spat in 2013 – but they ultimately ended up breaking up in December 2015.

Since then, Taylor has been linked with a number of other celebrities, but it seems she’s still harboring some feelings for Harry. In May this year, the pair reportedly rekindled their romance and were spotted spending time together at various events. However, things seem to have cooled down again recently and there’s no word on whether or not they’ll reunite permanently.

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